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August 29, 2016

Starting today: New Contest at the Biomech Collective!

For those of you who follow the @biomech_collective Instagram feed, you may already be familiar with the contests that we've hosted there in the past, which were mainly aimed at the idea of pushing the abstract visual language into novel places and creating new shapes, textures and unexpected combinations. These contests have gone extremely well and have produced some incredible art. We are now preparing to kick off a series of 6 contests, each 2 weeks long, aimed at creating new material for the upcoming Biomech Encyclopedia book project. Winners will earn a prominent place in the book alongside material drawn by some of the leading artists in the field.

For this first contest, we are wanting to see Architectural Mech. That is, and abstract/biomech design work that is inspired in some way by architectural themes and motifs. We have already posted some architecture imagery at the @biomech_collective and are hoping that you all will post more- just tag your images #categorycrush and people can check them out. These images are meant for inspiration and are in no way meant to set limitations on what you can do. Winners will be judged based on:

- tattooability

- originality

- clever incorporation of architectural elements

- architecture is made to flow nicely on the human body 

- overall composition and execution


Entries can be done solo or in collaboration; we encourage collaborations because it's fun and results in surprising things. You've got two weeks, and then it'll be time for the next theme. This next three months will consist of nonstop art contests at @biomech_collective, and we hope you'll be involved! You can read up on the rules and guidelines at the @biomech_collective contest page at


Thanks, and we'll see you in the Instasphere!



August 11, 2016

New Ask Guy Critique on Newsstands Now!

The newest Ask Guy critique is now live! This month's critique is of an illustrative piece, which provided ample opportunity to focus the discussion on the topic of linework, and how to use linework to your advantage to make your designs as clear and readable as possible. I use Photoshop in my critiques in order to clearly illustrate exactly what I'm talking about. You can find it in this month's Tattoo Magazine, Issue #321, on newsstands now, or you can check it out at the Ask Guy Archive along with past columns featuring not only tattoo critiques but also a variety of questions on all kinds of tattoo related topics.

Several of these critiques were done specifically to illustrate points that I discuss in my electronic educational package, Reinventing The Tattoo. If you are a Reinventing subscriber, check out Chapters 2.2, 2.3 and 2.6 to see how they've been rewritten and integrated into the text, and take the time to review the important topics discussed here- Positive/Negative relationships, Contrast, and Lines/Edges. If you are not a subscriber, please take a moment to drop by to see what it's all about.