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October 6, 2015

The Portland Worldwide Tattoo Conference is just weeks away!

The Worldwide Tattoo Conference has always been one of the more unique events in tattooing, with the entire focus being on educational seminars rather than squeezing them in around a lot of tattooing and contests. I've enjoyed teaching at these events because the audience tends to be made almost entirely of intelligent, open-minded artists who are there to learn and network. So I'm psyched about this upcoming WWTC in Portland, Oregon October 19, 20 and 21.

My class this year will be called Coverup: A Fresh Look, and will be a solid two hours of nuts-and-bolts technical guidance about the most up-to-date methods for hiding old tattoos without making a dense new piece. This will include plenty of closeup video footage of the needle at work, along with enough time at the end of the session to answer audience questions. I haven't done a coverup seminar in a very long time, so I'm amped to talk about all the things that I've learned about the subject in recent years. 



Tickets for the WWTC include all seminars and discussion panels, and the lineup this year is solid gold. I'll be teaching alongside some of my favorite tattooists in the industry including Nick Baxter, Jeff Gogue, Nikko Hurtado, Adrian Lee, Alex De Pase and Ralf Nonnweiler... Even the great Horiyoshi III will be skyping in! 

Tickets are available now at Airline tickets are reasonably priced right now- why not treat yourself and get a brainful of knowledge and inspiration? Thanks, and I hope to see you there!

September 22, 2015

We Have the InkJecta in a Range of Fun Colors!

In my excitement to talk about the new Galaxy edition of the powerful InkJecta tattoo machine, I forgot to mention that we also have a bunch of other models in a variety of colors and finishes. If you missed my earlier mention of this machine, the InkJecta Flite V2 is the machine that I've been using exclusively for the past year and a half. As much as I appreciate my extensive collection of classic machines, the Flite has provided me with too many benefits to ignore including the amazing light weight, uniform reliability and some of the most consistent healing of my career. 

You can check out a video that I made about this machine when we first started carrying it if you want to hear more about why I've been so enthusiastic about it, or take a look at the @inkjecta profile on Instagram to see some of the work being done by the broad variety of top level artists who are using it. We only have a few of each of some of these colors, so take a look now in our online store while we still have this great variety available.