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March 25, 2015

Last Call on Our March Special!

We are close to wrapping up our March Special, where we are giving away free copies of the informative Worldwide Tattoo Conference DVD to anyone who makes purchases of $250 or more at the Tattoo Education online store. We are sweetening the deal: You can order both editions of Tattoo Prodigies for only $150! The Prodigies books are showcases of some of the most exciting work happening in tattooing today, in a high quality large format production. Great for your own coffee table or for your studio waiting room, Tattoo Prodigies 1 & 2 are the kinds of books where you'll keep discovering new things every time you open them. Michele and I are extremely honored to have some of our own work in these books alongside some of the most original talents in the industry. Order both and save!

I also wanted to mention that Russ Abbott and I had a great interview the other day with Keith Ciaramello of the Tattoo Mentor podcast series. Plenty of laughs were had, partly at Russ' expense, but most importantly we had an opportunity to talk in detail about our upcoming Wacom Weekend series of seminars that we'll be teaching at the Hell City Tattoo Fest this coming May 1&2. It's a fun and informative interview which should answer a lot of your questions about what we'll be teaching. You can download the podcast for free, or read the detailed course listings at the TattooEducation online store.



March 18, 2015

Latest Ask Guy and Bloom Features, Plus New eBay Art Listings!

We've decided to start the spring by listing some of our classic paintings on eBay to help fund our new studio expansion in Hyperspace. We're starting with one of Michele's mixed media abstract canvas photo paintings, as seen in her book Moments of Epiphany, along with a recent small acrylic painting of mine. Drop by our eBay store to take a look at the auction, and help support the construction of our new studio by buying art.

This month's Tattoo Magazine, #304, is the second issue where both Michele and I have features.  I've got another Ask Guy column, this one continuing in my series of detailed critiques. This time I'm taking a close look at an artist who is working in a fairly traditional style but looking for ways to take it to the next level- check it out in the magazine or you can read it at the Ask Guy archive at Tattoo Magazine also features Michele's client Lisa Daniels as she discusses her collection with great pictures showing her ink. It's part of an ongoing series of articles focusing on Michele's Bloom Project, which highlights the women she's tattooed through the years, all in her carefully balanced feminine floral style.


Also related to the Bloom Project, Michele has just posted a new video featuring longtime client Kristen Blinne, with a short interview discussing Kristen's journey of collecting and talking about not only her larger vision but the vision of the Bloom Project overall. It's a short but sweet video showing her collection up close. We've got it posted at our YouTube channel, Tattoo Television, where you can see a variety of client features and artist interviews that Michele and I have produced.