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November 7, 2018

Collaborative art print by Jon Clue and Guy Aitchison

Available this week only, ending on Friday, November 9 we are offering a limited fine art reproduction of a collaborative oil painting by Jon Clue and Guy Aitchison of their latest cosmic alien abstract scene. The print is actual size, 20x20”, plus a 1” colored border for mounting purposes and is printed on archival canvas. Prints will be signed by both artists. Offer ends at noon central time this Friday, then this print will be removed permanently from the catalog. You can find it at

October 31, 2018

A Backpiece Can Be Complex!

Normally when taking on a full backpiece, my first inclination is to use bold black lines- often up to a few millimeters thick- to distinguish the foreground objects and give the tattoo the graphic clarity that it needs. A backpiece can be complex, so attempting the piece without lines means taking extra care to be sure that the distribution of black is strategic and strong, and that color contrast and detail development are used optimally. With this full back, I had the advantage of a good photo reference, since I had built this crazy thing out of clay and photographed it... but it was still my responsibility to translate it into a strong and readable tattoo. I talk in more detail about this project and its clarity considerations in the Lines&Edges chapter of your subscription.