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Standards of Practice: Infection Control for the Modification Industry

Reinventing The Tattoo

Sharp-Focus Realism In Oil

The Morphix Flatiron Ergonomic Tube Grip

Chris Lowe: Rendering Realism In Colored Pencil DVD

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Spray Stuff

spray stuff


Many tattooists now work freehand on skin, using marker, pen or surgical marker to draw the design directly on, allowing for more intuitive use of the client;s anatomy. Unfortunately, many artists have found that marker drawings on skin can be far shorter lived during the tattoo process than hectograph stencils. Spray Stuff changes all that; now, after completing your freehand drawing, you can spray a thin coat of this unique product over the drawing, giving it greater longevity during all the wiping and handling that takes place during tattooing. It's a well-tested product in the toolkit of many of the industry's most noted freehand artists.


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