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Tattoo Prodigies

Price: $80.00

In this day and age, talented artists abound in the tattoo world. Published in cooperation with Mike Devries' Memento Publishing, Tattoo Prodigies features the world's best with carefully selected, full-color galleries of impressive tattoo and painting accomplishments, as well as inspiring stories and interviews throughout this gorgeous oversized hardcover volume. Not only is this book eye candy for ink collectors and artists alike, the content is sure to motivate those seeking to advance and learn. Tattoo Prodigies features work from artists such as Nick Baxter, Shige, Paul Booth, Guy Aitchison, Nikko Hurtado, Victor Portugal, Mike Devries, Tony Ciavarro, Boris Laszlo, Bob Tyrrell, Robert Hernandez, Deano Cook, Bez, Sean Herman, Jeff Ensminger, Jess Yen, Mike DeMasi, Josh Woods, Joshua Carlton, Jesse Smith, Cory Cudney, Michele Wortman, Roman, Paul Acker, Gunnar, Kore Flatmo and many more!