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BJ Betts Lettering Guide #1

Price: $30.00

No matter where you are in your career, from street shop level all the way up to doing custom bodywork, you will have occasions where you need to be able to produce good lettering on skin. Pennsylvania tattooist BJ Betts has long been known for his beautiful lettering technique... precise, readable, yet full of life, character and style. Over the past few years BJ has released a series of books that are aimed at providing a comprehensive toolbox of lettering tricks and techniques to tattooists from all walks of life. The first in the series is "The BJ Betts Lettering Guide", which starts you off with basic script and quickly moves into ways of embellishing and elaborating on it. With short, concise explanations, each page is illustrated in a way that makes these methods clear and easy to follow. It's a solid book and a must-have for any tattoo studio.  Save on shipping and buy ALL FOUR guides.