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Standards of Practice: Infection Control for the Modification Industry

Reinventing The Tattoo

Sharp-Focus Realism In Oil

The Morphix Flatiron Ergonomic Tube Grip

Chris Lowe: Rendering Realism In Colored Pencil DVD

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The Morphix Grip Mixed Six-Pack


Try out both of Morphix's innovative ergonomic grip designs, and save on shipping in the process! The Morphix grip is an innovative new product designed to relieve stress on your hand's usual pressure points, reduce overall fatigue and increase your performance as an artist. Its high-density composite material is an ideal weight for a grip, roughly halfway between a steel tube and a disposable one, and will survive years of cycles through the autoclave. Its unique ergonomic design was engineered by the Morphix design team (veterans of the dental equipment industry) by taking molds from artists' hands while in a clenched position, and are unprecedented in their idealized fit and function. This mixed 6-pack includes 3 Humbolt grips and 3 Flatiron grips, each with their own unique benefits; some artists may prefer the Humbolt for lining and detail, and the Flatiron for shading and color. They feature: - Pocket for middle finger and flattened back provide long-term greater comfort - Contours provide leverage, reducing clenching and fatigue - Shape allows for greater range of motion, as compared to standard 1" grips - Textured composite material feels more like metal than nylon or plastic - Inset metal threads allow for years of use - Designed for use by right or left-handed artists - Durable enough for routine steam-heat sterilization - Humbolt: 2.2" height, 1" general width, 60g weight - Flatiron: 2.25" height, 1.4" width at top, .85" depth at top, 56g weight - Made in the USA


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