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Webinar On Demand: Ian McKown Light and Shadow

Price: $99.00

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Runtime: 2 hours and 5 minutes

Value is King when it comes to making believable depth and separation of different elements within a composition whether it be a tattoo or a piece of fine art. I am convinced that with a greater understanding of value structures, and the ability to see value shifts and plan for them in your work, an artist will have the ability to make more dramatic and refined work.
In this seminar we will discuss Value as a fundamental artistic concept and tool The differences between chromatic and absolute value How to organize and plan for stronger value ranges in a composition Maximizing believable depth through careful attention to value relationships Reproduction work simplified & more.
The first portion of the seminar will be an overview of the concepts and ideas behind this type of work as well as specific walkthroughs in different mediums to showcase how they can be applied. The second part will be some life discussion and a demonstration or different techniques. instructor – I have been tattooing for 10 years and working within the fine art community for the past 5 years. My focus has been greatly centered on realistic and reproduction work on skin and on canvas. With the recent release of my book Light and Shadow, I feel it is time to teaching some of the fundamentals of value based works.

Price: $99.00
Ian McKown Webinar