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Ive been tattooing since May 2002 as a professional. I started at a shop where I lived i worked there for around three years. then from there I worked out of my house for around 7 months it was one of the most humbling time of my life. And now I am currently at IGNITION TATTOO IN APPLE VALLEY CA. Its a great shop with some of the greatest artist Ive worked with. I get pushed by so many different types of art. I really like any one that pushes for what they believe of what they do. Tattoo artist that push me every day are my friends JAMIE SHENE AND RONNIE SANCHEZ.ALSO I really look up to tattoo artists like BOB TYRRELL, GUY AITCHISON, DEANO COOK, and a lot of new up and comers I see and meet every day.

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