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Immovable: Fudo Myo-o Tattoo Designs By Horitomo

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Kazuaki Kitamura, also known as Horitomo, has over 20 years of experience doing solid traditional Japanese style tattooing. In "Immovable: Fudo Myo-o Tattoo Designs By Horitomo", he goes into great depth describing and illustrating Fudo Myo-o, one of the great Wisdom Kings in traditional Buddhism. The character of this mythic figure, who is often worn in tattoos as a form of personal protection, is explored in great depth from a variety of angles and positions, including historic information and a detailed study of different weapons, garments and other essentials. Other characters are included, along with a number of dragon and floral designs to accompany them. The images are all line drawings done with masterful ink technique, and can either be adapted directly to stencil-ready tattoo art, or used as a source of inspiration and accurate information when creating your own drawings. Published by State of Grace Incorporated; softcover, 9" by 13" 186 pages 

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Price: $100.00 Sale Price: $40.00