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Tattoo Longevity

Welcome to the Tattoo Education tattoo longevity project!

We are still in the earliest stages of gathering material for this page,
but when completed it will feature a gallery and a forum for discussion of tattoo longevity topics. For now, we are looking for photos of tattoos that are at least 10 years old. These are our requirements:

1) It must either be your own work, or a piece in your own tattoo collection

2) We need a photo of the piece when it was first completed, along with a photo of it as it looks now. Shave please!

3) If you have any healed photos from when the piece was first completed,
that's even better.

4) We also need as much info as you can supply:

  • What brand(s) of pigments were used?
  • What needle groups were used?
  • Any other technical information about the methods used to do the piece that you can remember
  • A brief history of how much sun exposure and other abuse the piece has seen during its life

Please size all images to approx. 10x12" at 150DPI. Save as JPEGs set to 12
on the compression scale.
Then email them, along with any information, to guy(at)hyperspacestudios(dot)com.

I may end up emailing you back with questions. The plan here is to be thorough.

Thank you for participating in this project! This is something that really
needs to happen.

Guy AItchison