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Webinar on Demand: World Wide Tattoo Conference

Price: $20.00


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Chicago Worldwide Tattoo Conference DVD   $35
1 hour and 15 minutes
More and more tattoo events are placing education front and center. Some of the gatherings hosted by TattooNow, in particular, are built around the curriculum being offered by some of tattooing's top-tier educators, and the response from attending artists has been extremely positive. The Chicago 2012 Worldwide Tattoo Conference was one such event; guests were subjected to two solid days of high powered learning from instructors such as Bob Tyrrell, Nick Baxter, Jeff Gogue, Boris Lazslo, Alex De Pase and Guy Aitchison. Many left the event with their heads so filled with new ideas that they are still processing it all nearly a year later. Thankfully TattooNow have produced a WWTC sampler DVD, showing highlights from these great seminars, along with selections from the panel discussions. It's an hour and fifteen minutes of concentrated high quality information, and a must for any tattoo studio library.
Price: $20.00