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Paul Booth

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For over 2 decades, Paul Booth has been the undisputed master of dark art in the tattoo industry. Combining distinctive brooding themes with his smooth, realistic technique, Paul has set a new standard in black and gray tattooing that has attracted the attention of many prominent musicians and landed him spots on CNN, MSNBC, TLC, Rolling Stone Magazine and countless tattoo publications. Paul has also been involved in promoting major tattoo conventions, where he placed a strong emphasis on the needs of the artists and encouraged a new kind of experimentation known as The ArtFusion Experiment. AFE consists of both private get-togethers and public performances where the artists collaborated on projects in charcoal and paint, often working in a timed rotation where the outcome of each round can go in virtually any direction. After many ArtFusion events, Paul edited a full-length documentary film about this dynamic artistic phenomenon. Featuring a wide variety of world-renowned tattoo artists, The ArtFusion Experiment is recommended for any home or studio DVD collection.