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Shawn Barber

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Shawn Barber is a unique phenomenon in the tattoo world. Starting with a bachelor in Fine Arts, Shawn went on to become a painting teacher for the better part of a decade and has taught, lectured and given painting demonstrations around the world. He then began work on a series, Tattooed Portraits, of realistic paintings of tattooed individuals; this led eventually to a desire to become a tattooist and experience the art form first-hand. His paintings are widely known and have been featured in publications such as Maxim and The Wall Street journal, so the tattoo community is naturally very excited to welcome such an accomplished artist into its ranks. His first instructional DVD, Foundation Painting, is a solid demonstration of his signature painting technique, demonstrated and explained in full detail. For any tattooists with an interest in painting, whether just starting out or exploring your existing techniques further, Foundation Painting will help to point you in the right direction. Shawn also has a book available, Memoir, named after the shop that he shares with partner Kim Saigh. Memoir showcases many of Shawn's most recent paintings, along with some of his striking tattoo work.