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Biomech Encyclopedia Category Crunch Contest: Geometric Biomech
September 28-October 12, 2016
For this next contest, we are exploring geometric motifs in a biotech context. Geometry: It's everywhere, hinting at the codes of creation! There are countless creative ways that geometry could be combined with biomech, and we are curious to see how you all do it. This is a chance to mix and match tattoo styles in ways never attempted! Imagine an organic environment peeling away to reveal complex and flawless otherworldly mathematical forms. Robotic elements with geometric motifs mapped over their surfaces... where else can this go?
We are looking for drawings, paintings or  work in other mediums, anything besides actual tattoos. Winners will be published in the upcoming Biomech Encyclopedia. This means that there is a chance that some of these images will be used by other artists for inspiration- in other words, you don't want to submit designs for actual tattoos that you have done or plan on doing. Winners will be judged based on:
-Clever incorporation of geometric and biomech elements
-Designs are made to flow nicely on the human body
-Overall composition and execution
Entries can be done solo or in collaboration; we encourage collaborations because it's fun and results in surprising things. You've got two weeks, and then it will be time for the next theme, which will be announced on October 12. These coming months will consist of nonstop art contests at @biomech_collective, and we hope you'll be involved! Just remember to tag #categorycrunch with each submission so that we can see it.